Trade Your Car

Do you accept trade-in's?

Yes. We accept all vehicle trade-ins, regardless of make or model. We will accept your trade-in whether or not you purchase a vehicle from V&H Automotive, even if you decide to purchase a vehicle elsewhere.

How do I Get My Car Appraised? Can I do it Online?

You must bring your vehicle to our V&H Automotive location to have value validated by one of trained staff members. If you would like a value for your vehicle before you start your shopping process, V&H Automotive has a trade in form on our front page of our Website. It will give you an appraisal of your car without ever bringing it in. However, the accuracy of that offer is only as accurate as the information you provide and the values given are based off the National Car Market not our Local Market.

Do I need an appointment to get my car appraised?

No. There are no appointments necessary. V&H Automotive will complete the appraisal process in less than 30 minutes.

How does V&H Automotive Operate

Are Your Vehicles Inspected Prior to Being Offered For Sale?

All vehicles for sale within Onsite Inventory have been professionally cleaned and inspected fully. Any major mechanical issues that affect the performance or safety of the vehicle are fixed before the time of sale. Cosmetic issues or minor imperfections are described in good faith to every customer. We strive for complete transparency.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for down payments to hold the vehicle. Of course, we accept personal local checks as well, along with Wire Transfer or Cashier's Checks written on US accounts with US funds. If you are planning on paying with a credit card, please note that for amounts greater than $1,500 a small percentage fee may apply. We try to make it as simple as possible.


Do you offer vehicle financing?

Yes, absolutely. We have several financial institutions that compete for your business. Our process is very simple and secure. We will apply at several different institutions, and find you the lowest rate possible. We protect your personal information and do not share it with any institution that is not directly involved with your purchase. Transparency, integrity and privacy are all important to us, as we're sure they are to you.

Do you offer extended service contracts?

Yes. V&H Automotive has several extended service contracts that vary in coverage and are adjustable to fit your needs with respect to time and mileage. These extended service contracts are honored nationwide, typically with a small deductible. In most cases, service completed at our facility costs you nothing.

Can I get Pre-Approved online?

Yes. It's simple. On this website, click on the Finance tab at the top of any page, and you will be directed to the secure credit application. Simply complete the form and submit it via this website and we will handle the rest. Your information will not be shared with any third parties not directly involved in the pre-approval process.

Sales Tax

Out of state purchase and the sales taxes?

V&H Automotive does not collect sales tax on any vehicle purchase transaction for an out of state customer.  The sales tax is the responsibility of the vehicle purchaser in their home state.  Any applicable home state sales taxes are typically paid upon vehicle registration.

Shipping Options

How do I get my new car home if I buy online?

V&H Automotive will ship your newly purchased vehicle to any of the 50 United States and Canada.  V&H Automotive will be happy to provide an individualized shipping quote to any of our customers.  Shipping prices will vary based on location and vehicle size.  Please contact us for  an up to date and accurate shipping quote.

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