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Looking for a capable new commercial vehicle to help with all your various towing, hauling, or transporting needs? Maybe you're the proprietor of a small business and you need an affordable and efficient cargo van to make deliveries. On the other hand, perhaps you own a large company and you're looking for a great deal on a fleet of pickups for heavy hauling tasks. Or maybe you require a tough truck that can tow circles around the competition, day in and day out. Whatever vehicle you need for the daily grind of commercial life, we can provide you the perfect option here at V&H Automotive!

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When looking for the right commercial vehicle near Marshfield, our commercial inventory is the best place to start your search! Our dedicated commercial inventory has the right vehicle in-stock for every budget, need, and desire! Not only do we offer capable vehicles at a fair price, but we also have plenty of choices in-stock with the amenities, technologies, and luxuries you crave to make the work day a little more pleasurable! From Ford Transit Connect vans to RAM Pro-Master vans; cutaway trucks to heavy duty pickups; your next commercial vehicle awaits you here at our new & used automotive dealership, conveniently located at 2414 North Central Avenue in Marshfield, WI! Plus, with the end of the year fast approaching, now's the perfect time to buy!

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